Hi, and welcome to Sniffy Scents

Sniffy Scents are a vegan skincare company specialising in natural, cruelty-free & hand made bath & body products to pamper in the most divine scents. Our mission is to help you luxuriate in your “me time” ethically.

Everything started because I was dissatisfied with the state of affairs over pampering skincare.  If you wanted something natural, it was boring.  And if you wanted something luxurious, it was full of toxic muck or animal fat.  Being a lover of fine things, I wanted both so I decided to make my own for myself and those like me out there.  And so Sniffy Scents was born.

Mani and Freya are the Management Felines and Bengal overlords who live with me in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria and ensure the products I send out are of top quality. They supervise as I design new products free of artificial nasties and create new exciting scents.  But mostly they just nap whenever they see fit. One day I hope to get promoted to their job.

Sniffy Scents pride ourselves on our ethics.  All our products are made from the highest quality ethically sourced materials, are palm free and without artificial colours.  We do not use any genetically modified materials, nor beeswax and would never dream about testing on animals.  We ensure that we conduct ourselves in a way that is sustainable and respectful to the earth.  We gift our used wax to local businesses and donate both time and money to an organisation that supports survivors of sexual violence of all genders.  The Management Felines insist upon it.

All Natural. Cruelty Free. Hand Made.

Bringing you the very best the earth has to offer in bath & body care.